Our objective is to help Yukoners grow materials that perform very well in our region. We have an eye for performers that are unique, attractive and productive.

We carry a variety of products in every gardener’s needs:

  • Seeds
  • Accessories
  • Garden Ornaments
  • Starter plants
  • Fertilizers
  • Soils and other growing mediums
  • Mulches
  • Decorative rock
  • Landscape fabric

Visit our store for our full selection of products!

Pots and Seeds

Modern ceramic pots utilize traditional ceramic making techniques, developed for hundreds of years ago. We have a great selection of pots to choose from, whether you are looking for ceramic, wood or tin.

We  also carry a full selection of seeds for those who enjoy the experience of watching seedlings grow into beautiful flowers and vegetables. We suggest trying your hand at some beautiful munchkins sunflower or green dragon seeds.

New Products

We are constantly striving to bring fresh new plant varieties to the Yukon including: annuals, vegetables, herbs, perennials, trees and shrubs.

Stop by to smell the wonderful scents of the greenhouse and to see all of the new and interesting items that would make a great addition to any garden.

When you purchase a greenhouse from Yukon Gardens you will also receive $50.00 worth of greenhouse vegetables. The greenhouses that we sell are all made by B.C. Greenhouse Builders Ltd. Prices do not include shipping or tax. Foundations are not included. Many more standard sizes are also available.

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