Tree Nursery

Yukon Gardens has most diverse tree farm in Northern Canada. We grow trees native to the Yukon as well as some domestic hardy varieties. We also grow a wide selection of Northern hardy fruit trees

Planting a tree in your yard, that was grown in the Yukon, does have advantages. They have grown here since they were just seedlings, thrived through many Yukon winters, creating a hardy and climate adjusted tree.

Our trees are all dug with a large tree spade, the average root ball weighs 400 pounds. We do offer a tree planting service and a guarantee of survival.

The following are the varieties of trees that we grow in our tree nursery:

  • White Spruce
  • Blue Spruce
  • Paper White Birch
  • Mountain Ash
  • Northwest Poplar
  • Mayday Tree
  • Subalpine Fir
  • Weeping Birch
  • Larch (Tamarack)
  • Various fruit barring trees

Potted Trees & Shrubs

When it comes to beauty paired with toughness, Yukon Gardens selection of top quality potted trees and shrubs is second to none. From ground cover evergreens, flowering shrubs and specimen trees, edible fruiting trees and shrubs to shelterbelt and landscape beauties, you can count on us for the best of the best. But why don’t you be the judge!